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Fresh. Friendly. Clean.

Whether it’s our friendly staff, our spotless washrooms, or our shining floors, we try to bring brightness to everything we do. So bright you might need shades - and we sell those too. Learn More

A slush rush.

What’s GUZZ’L? Oh, it’s just the fizziest, bubbliest, slushiest, coolest cuppa sweetness around! With over a dozen delightful flavours, we’ve got something for every tastebud. Stop in and get some fuel for you, too!

Work for us.

Join team orange.

You’ll look snappy, you’ll feel snazzy, and you’ll get to hang out with the slickest most realest team ever. Are you ready to join the Orange team? Ya can’t get much better than this.

Franchise opportunities.

Let’s see if you can rhyme with orange.

We’re growing fast. Like, real fast. We think that’s because we embody the excellence that people crave from their convenience store experience: fresh, friendly, and clean stores that are bright and spacious. Oh! We’ve also got big smiles – those help! Join our team and help us paint the island Orange.

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Orangestore and North Atlantic retail locations

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