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Franchise Opportunities

We’re growing.

Excel at customer service? So do we. We also excel at smiling and eating chips. If you do too, it might be love.
About us.

We’re getting older - and wiser.

10 years, 21 stores, 200 employees. And we still can’t rhyme anything with Orange. That’s why we need you, you creative, experienced, possible business partner! Not just for the rhyme, either. We’re good people and we run good stores – and we need more people like us. We’re always growing, so get in touch and let’s ride the Orange wave together.

Our guiding principle.

And yes, we do have a guiding principle.

It’s simple - make sure everyone leaves with a smile. We do that by providing an in-store experience that no one else can - bright, welcoming colours, tons of space, and the best staff around. Did we mention YAY! points?

The right people.

Looking for dreamers, do-ers and capable business partners.

Our business partners and franchisees are everything to us - that’s why we’re looking for the right people to partner with. Are you creative? Experienced? Think you’re capable of holding together a fast paced environment that has to live up to our high standards. Now we’re talking. Get in touch.

Join The Team

Think you’ve got the orange spirit?

Think you’ve got what it takes to join our team of franchisees? We’re fun, we swear! It’s an elite club full of shenanigans – but you’ve gotta have a sense of humour, the drive to succeed, experience and a sharp business mind. We’re not just interested in anyone… but we’re willing to hear what you have to say. Fill out the form below and get in touch!

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